Soto Norte communities chose the 2023 social investment projects

Bucaramanga, April 3, 2023. More than 300 inhabitants, leaders and social leaders from the urban and rural sectors of California, Surata and Matanza (Santander), had the opportunity to prioritize the projects of the Social Investment Plan of the Soto Norte Project for 2023, thanks to a Participatory Construction exercise articulated between Ean University and the Soto Norte Project.

In the meetings, which were held in each of the municipalities on March 28, 29 and 30, virtual voting was used as a methodology so that, in real time, the communities made the selection of development axes, investment lines and social projects..

Subsequently, after the formation of working groups, the same community was responsible for evaluating the needs that exist and, with this, defining which programs specifically should be allocated the available resources of the private company. With this strategy, it is sought that the execution of the budget really generates a benefit for all, and thus allows Soto Norte to be on the path of development.

These social agreements are the result of a process called "Soto Norte Social Dialogue", led by the Soto Norte Project and Ean University, in which, for eight months, more than 800 people from the province, 100 leaders, 69 Community Action Boards, 71 villages in the three municipalities,participated in 32 community workshops to strengthen community leadership, empowerment and participation.

These people acquired knowledge and had the opportunity to achieve a comprehensive vision of the territory that will conclude with the official formulation and delivery of three Community Development Plans, which will be officially presented on April 14, 2023.

"The Social Agreement is a collective decision based on a shared vision of what is best for the territory and the municipality. For the Soto Norte Project, participatory social investment is a fundamental pillar. In general terms, the initiatives identified and prioritized together with Ean University were in infrastructure, own economy, water governance, community structure, education, health and culture. With the voting process, most of the attendees from the three municipalities showed great interest in investing in roads and even agreed that the regional project that should have the greatest importance is the corridor that connects Bucaramanga with the province of Soto Norte ",said Yaneth Mantilla Baron, Executive Vice President of Strategic Affairs.

Heydi Ovalle, Social Manager, said that "this Social Agreement includes the definition of cooperation rules between the parties in order to unite efforts and resources to achieve a common goal and maximum collective benefit. It includes the roles, commitments and responsibilities of all those involved in the process."

In California, in order of importance, the weighting of social projects was defined as follows:

  1. Road Improvement/Footprint Plate Construction
  2. Strengthening of hospitals
  3. Senior Citizens Program
  4. Mining formalization
  5. Water Quality Improvement Initiative (Household)
  6. School Transportation
  7. Studies and designs of the water conduction

system In Surata, the selection varied:

  1. Road Improvement/Footprint Plate Construction
  2. Studies and designs of the water conduction
  3. Farmers' Market
  4. Rural School Improvement
  5. School Transportation

And, in Matanza, the order was:

  1. Road improvement
  2. School Transportation
  3. Farmers' Market
  4. Studies and Designs for Collection Center

The Soto Norte Project and Ean University will continue working on collective constructions of solutions to the needs of the territory, convinced that the strengths lie in recognizing differences and achieving consensus that bring well-being to the inhabitants of the province. Sowing together we will reap our best harvest!

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