More than 450 athletes from the province participated in the Mundialito Soto Norte 2023 (Soto Norte Mini World Cup 2023)

mundialito Soto Norte
  • With the participation of 42 teams, the Soto Norte Project held the Mundialito Soto Norte 2023; a micro soccer tournament that united families in the region around the sport.
  • With this event it was possible to boost the local economy by generating purchases, services and hiring labor.
  • The tournament made it possible to leave a favourable mark on the sports infrastructure, given that five sports venues were improved and today communities can enjoy them for healthy leisure activities.

 Soto Norte, August 2023. During the first three weekends of August, 42 teams from the different urban and rural sectors of California, Surata, Matanza, Charta, Tona and Vetas played the first Soto Norte 2023 micro soccer World Cup, a strategy that generated well-being, development, and teamwork among the inhabitants of the entire province.

This lightning microsoccer tournament, which brought together more than 450 athletes, was organized by the Soto Norte Project (PSN) to allow the inhabitants of this beautiful territory to reunite with their fellow citizens, continue to recognize themselves as a united community that thinks about their development, and enjoy a space of integration and healthy recreation. espacio de integración y sano esparcimiento.

The championship had a "preliminary phase", where the teams of Matanza, California, Surata, Vetas, Tona and Charta competed against each other to choose the champion of each of their municipalities. Then, the best 6 from all over the province received their trophies, uniforms and clothing, to face each other in the grand finale that took place at the Municipal Court of Matanza, on Saturday, August 19, 2023.

In accordance with the above, the teams representing each municipality were: for California, the Centro team; for Matanza, the San Francisco team; for Surata, the Panaga team; for Charta, the Pantanos team; for Vetas, the Centro team; and for Tona, the Berlin Centro team.

In the exciting finale, broadcast live on the social networks of the Soto Norte Project and local media, with production support of the TRO regional channel, the Charta team was crowned champion after beating the brave Central Berlin team.

"The Mundialito Soto Norte counted 43 games played and allowed us to celebrate more than 400 goals from our athletes. Thanks to the participation of the teams, this event was a wonderful space, because it allowed us to share with our neighbors in Matanza, Surata, Vetas, Charta, Tona and California. From the beginning, we wanted this to be a gathering to go beyond the competition and show that we are fighting for the well-being that our region so badly needs", said Heidy Ovalle, Social Manager of the PSN.

This event, which many described as the best sports tournament in the history of the province, allowed to positively impact the economy of the municipalities thanks to the purchase and sale of food and services necessary for its execution. In addition, the recovery and maintenance work carried out by the PSN team made it possible to recover and leave in optimal condition 5 sports venues in the different municipalities. In the case of Vetas, no intervention was carried out since their court was in good condition, but the paint was donated by the PSN for the municipal court.

Oscar Arenales, one of Charta's outstanding players, said that "we are very grateful to the Soto Norte Project for allowing us to live these experiences, for joining all the municipalities of the province."

Dixon Herrera, a player from Tona's team, also expressed the satisfaction that this contest generated. "The Soto Norte Project brought together the entire province around the sport. It is very important for us to participate in this type of event that promotes integration. We've never seen anything like it in our region.”

With events like this, from the Soto Norte Project we ratify our commitment to the well-being of the region and we will continue to demonstrate that our main human resource is the people of the province.


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